Who is eligible for a grant?

For-profit ventures and individuals are not eligible.

Only not-for-profit organizations with current IRS 501(c)(3) designation are eligible for grants (check IRS status here).

Organizations who function under the “umbrella” of another 501(c)(3) organization are eligible for granting with adequate documentation of relationship. All finances and charters must go through the parent organization to be qualified for funding.

We have funded many types of non-profit organizations and generally prefer smaller, grass-roots groups with local appeal and the support of volunteers. We generally do not fund salaries or building projects.

How do I apply?

If qualified, an organization should fill out the online application here.

When are applications accepted?

Applications submitted via our website are accepted from March 1 through July 1 or whenever we reach our application limit. We review all applications during our annual meeting in early October. You will receive a decision about your application by November. Please do NOT mail in a paper copy of your application.

When are grants awarded?

Grants are awarded at the annual meeting of the Timmons Foundation board in early October. Notification of grant funding is given to all applicants within a month of the meeting.

We appreciate the patience of those who seek grants for their organizations as we are a small group of volunteers and try our best to announce grant application status in a timely fashion.

What do I do if my application was accepted or rejected?

Accepted: If your organization’s grant was awarded in any amount the IRS requires you to report to the foundation how the money was spent in a timely manner. Send us a status report when the money is spent or by June of the year following the grant.

Rejected: As our funds are limited we cannot give to all qualified groups, nor do we make multi-year commitments for funding. We receive many more applications than we can possibly fund.

If your organization meets all qualifications and still is not awarded a grant you may apply for a grant the following year.

Where can I get more information?

Email us at: bstfpresident@gmail.com