Please fill out form and attach all supporting receipts. No claims can be reimbursed without receipts. Expenses for non-members cannot be included for reimbursement. To expedite refunds please send this form with attachments to the Foundation Treasurer as soon as is practical. Reimbursement for expenses will be issued within a month of submission. For questions or clarifications refer to reimbursement guidelines below.

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Monita Kelsey
4215 Trieste Drive
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Phone: (760) 712-759

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Guidelines for reimbursement of travel and lodging expenses


• The transportation or lodging of family non-members (i.e. spouses or children) cannot be compensated.
• All relevant receipts (or copies) must be enclosed with the request in order to be reimbursed. Highlighting or otherwise marking relevant information would be helpful and appreciated.


• Friday and Saturday evening lodging for Foundation members are covered. Be sure to add the room tax to your total.
• If you use a credit card billing rather than the itemized bill from the hotel as your receipt please remove or mark out any personal account information.
• Any additional evenings lodging, additional rooms for non-members, or rooms charges (food, phone or other) are not eligible or reimbursement.

Travel by Car

• Roundtrip mileage between home and meeting site is covered.
• Rather than actual expenses incurred during travel (such as gas receipts) that number of miles driven multiplied by figure on the reimbursement form (which takes into account vehicle use costs) will determine compensation.
• Parking expenses at the meeting site are eligible for reimbursement.

Travel by Plane

• Transportation to and from airport as well as airline flights for members are eligible.
• Vehicle mileage to and from airport and long term parking expenses can be reimbursed.
• Taxi or shuttle trip receipts while en route are eligible.
• Airline flight receipts for members to and from the meeting site are reimbursable, but not other destinations (this does not pertain to flight destinations directly en route).
• Member’s honesty and discretion are appreciated in not abusing this service with the use of extravagant means such as first class flights, stretch limos or side trips. The money we save will be available for those groups who depend on our funding.